How To Overlay Hail Maps Using KML Files

Importing and Overlaying Hail Maps using KML Files

Storm restoration and roofing contractors are constantly looking for better ways to boost their productivity.

And while importing and overlaying hail maps using KML and KMZ files can be the holy grail of canvassing productivity, many contractors are not aware that they can in fact import the storm hail swaths directly into their canvassing apps.

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Is Hail Swath Map Importing Available in All Canvassing Apps?

Many hail swath apps like WeatherGuidance, InteractiveHailMaps, and HailTrace provide hail, wind, and other types of storm swaths like Tornadoes and more. However, most of them fall short and do not provide canvassing features as you would find in specialized apps like Spotio or SalesRabbit.  But, while those canvassing apps provide great door to door canvassing functionality, most do not allow you to import a KMZ or KML file  directly into the app.

The Workaround Solution to Importing a Hail Map Into Your Canvassing App

First of all; a hail swath, in the end, is a KMZ or KML file. When you can get a copy of a storm's KMZ or KML file, you can then import it into your canvassing app if it allows it. 

WeatherGuidance is one of the few hail swath solutions that does provide a copy of the KML file to you on both their desktop and mobile versions.

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Robert White, Meteorologist and Senior Forensic Weather Analyst

Robert White, Meteorologist and Senior Forensic Weather Analyst at WeatherGuidance says, "You can generate a KML/KMZ file for any storm date you want right on the StormIntelligence page on your desktop/laptop computer or tablet."   You just have to click on the Save Disk icon when you pull up a storm swath to download a copy, and then upload it to your canvassing app.
The 1 2 3 Of Uploading Hail Swath KMZ Files Into Canvassing Apps

While not all hail apps give storm restoration contractors the ability to upload a KML or KMZ file, SalesRabbit does.

And fortunately for door to door sales businesses like Calloway Roofing in Orlando, WeatherGuidance allows you the ability to download KML files.

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How To Overlay Hail Maps Using KML Files
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15 February, 2021

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