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Knowledge Transfer LLC - an education company for contractors. 

"Stay Relevant"  


• Hyper-localized marketing advisory—exclusively for Contractors.  
• Consistent recruitment. Automated lead generation. 
• Enterprise CRM. Online (be everywhere). 
• Offline (ground game sales training)
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What We Solve 

Knowledge Transfer is a hyper-local contractor marketing advisory and business operations coach to trades contractors seeking online and offline leads, customers,  and omnipresence. Knowledge Transfer screens inquiring contractors and is a trades vertical service available exclusively to qualified contractors by invitation and/or recommendation only.

Ktllc is different in that we introduce solutions you can implement immediately. It is one thing to bring in technology and tools into an organization, and it is a whole other for people to actually ADOPT and use them.  

Things move quickly with our ground-game recruitment, coaching and training.  We eliminate anything you do twice.


Contractor Marketing Case Studies

By Referral Only

Knowledge Transfer LLC screens and qualifies contractors prior to services engagement.