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Knowledge Transfer LLC - an education company for contractors.  

"Stay Relevant"   

• Business' Sales Advisory—exclusively for Contractors.  
• Systemic Sales Recruitment Training and Coaching.
• Hyper-localized Lead Generation (programmatic, geofenced)
• SaaS Platform Migration (CRM) to Powerful Programmatic ERP. 
• Online Omnipresence (be everywhere Social; and natural SEO). 
• Field Presence (Brand Identity 24/7 + "Boots on the Ground")
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What We Solve 

Knowledge Transfer is a hyper-localized contractor marketing sales advisory.  Ktllc provides cutting-edge programmatic advertising to solve the name-to-brand leads and sales requirements of the organization, in addition to localized market omnipresence and automated work processes made possible through powerful ERP integrations. Knowledge Transfer screens inquiring contractors and is a trades vertical service available exclusively to qualified contractors by referral or recommendation only.

Ktllc is different in that we introduce solutions you can implement immediately.  It is one thing to bring in technology and tools into an organization, and it is a whole other for people to actually ADOPT and use them.  Things move quickly with our focus on ground-game and aerial-view organizational perspectives.  We eliminate the manual-  repetitive; and replace it with programmatic business-useful automations.

Smart automations.  Smart targeting.  Smart Service.


  By Referral Only

Knowledge Transfer LLC accepts Connection requests and Recommendations from licensed trades contractors prior to services engagement.